Gebr. Heimemann - Logistikzentrum Süd (Erlensee)
Gebr. Heimemann - Logistikzentrum Süd (Erlensee)

How we work:

Creativity and competence are the basics,
expertise in planning is the key to success.

For more than 16 years we have been projecting, managing and implementing technical building infrastructures.
We are a one-stop solution provider for industrial and office buildings, private houses and flats.
Independent of it’s size and nature we see every building project as a challenge to rise with every possible effort.

What counts is the success of the project – technically, with regard to deadlines and economically, of course. Our deep expertise helps us to achieve these goals.
Targetted planning, common sense and creative ideas are our toolsets to react individually and accordingly in every project step.

All fields of services have to be synchronized perfectly, not only for large building projects. Thus, we understand and accompany every project in a quite holistic way. From the first drafts and planning to the finalizing of services and infrastructures, not to forget quality assurance and success analysis. Our expertise helps us to keep track and to be prepared for eventualities. 

As a solution provider for technical building services and infrastructure we know about the importance of thorough planning. We combine competence and accuracy. And this is the reason why our clients can rely hundred per cent on what we do.

Take your time to find out, if our working philosophy fits with your expectations. The best way to do this is an open conversation. 

Get a picture of us and of what we can assure you!